Recommended Reading

Philip Schlesinger – Background on Ofcom

Search terms: <Advisory Committee for Scotland> and <Content Board> would give some helpful background.

Marion Kenny – “How to Tell a Story” Workshop

BBC Radio Scotland:
Appropriate section begins 01 hour 40 mins in (2 hour-long film)

Talking Syria:

An example of how stories can be used to start debates on policy:
Universal Credit – Julia Rampen, The Mirror Online, 30 September 2015

Noel Fojut and Terry Shevlin – The Historic Environment Scotland Act 2014


The Historic Environment Scotland Act gained Royal Assent on the 9th December 2014. The Act establishes Historic Environment Scotland (HES) as a new Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) which will take over the functions of Historic Scotland and RCAHMS. In addition to changes to legislation reflecting HES’ role and legal status, the Act changes processes for the designation of sites and buildings (by scheduling and listing) and for scheduled monuments, listed buildings and conservation areas consent. It also creates new rights of appeal against certain HES decisions.

The overall approach in the Act has been to streamline systems, aligning Scheduled Monument, listed building and planning where possible, while retaining the same level of protection for our valuable historic environment.The approach also seeks to improve transparency through new requirements for notification and publication. In many cases Historic Scotland already publishes information, by including these requirements in Regulations demonstrates the commitment of this Government to transparency and access to information.


The initial consultation on the idea of changes and the report and analysis of responses, all at:
The final Historic Environment Strategy
The Policy Memorandum and other Notes for the Bill: